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Powertac Warrior: The Best Law Enforcement Flashlight

Why the Powertac Warrior is the Best Law Enforcement Flashlight on the market. Being a law enforcement officer these days is an especially tough and thankless job. Officers need to carry a variety of tools to perform their duties but what if you're an officer, what tool do you use the most? Handcuffs? Knife? Gun? Chances are it's your flashlight.

Article Posted: 10/30/2017 04:41:19 PM

 Powertac USA, Inc. and Panthera Partner To Offer Low Light Training for LE and Millitary

Panthera Training and Powertac Flashlights have partnered to offer a low-light scenario based course designed for Law Enforcement Officers. This course will develop the tactical skills to operate and win a confrontation during low-light situations by removing agressor’s cover of darkness.The course is demanding and will expose the student to low-light situations from vehicle and foot scenarios, to search and locate and entry work within the Panthera’s 6000 Square foot live fire shoot house.

Article Posted: 10/30/2017 04:29:25 PM

Powertac USA, Inc. and Viper Holsters Partner Up

Custom Holsters for the Powertac Marksman Light / Laser Combo by Viper Holsters.

Article Posted: 10/18/2017 04:48:15 AM

Powertac E9 - Compact LEO Duty Light

Article Posted: 10/09/2017 11:09:00 AM

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